The Windows Phone 8 launch is probably the most frustrating of all time


Microsoft is loving the “anticipation” of their potential customers. They’re loving people getting “excited” about Windows Phone. There’s lots of “buzz” out there. They’re loving creating “suspense.”

…Except, there’s a problem. Yes, people are excited about Windows Phone, but most of them are getting frustrated at the lack of information or solid facts and going elsewhere. Seriously, some of the best phones ever released are available now, why would you wait for Windows Phone?

Microsoft seems to think that by putting their consumers on a drip-feeder about the OS and handsets that consumers are getting excited. They were getting excited, but now that has passed. The lack of information is disturbing, and the fact that the information is out there about handsets (we pretty much know everything about HTC’s and Nokia’s offerings) but you can’t go get one, and nobody can tell you when it’ll even be available is even more disturbing.

Windows Phone looks great, but Microsoft seems to have taken on Microsoft’s strategy of “we don’t comment on speculation or rumor.” The problem with that is the cat is already out of the bag. Apple can get away with this because consumers are excited about a product that might not even exist yet. Microsoft’s already laid their cards on the table, and so have their OEM’s. People were excited, for a time, but now the vague attitude of Microsoft is becoming an issue.

It’s bad on the PR side of things, too. Microsoft seems to have Nokia and HTC in a deadlock. If you even ask anything to either company, you’ll get back a “we can’t comment on that yet” or “we’ll have more information soon.”

I’ve also talked to a number of major companies, who have been barred access to the SDK, despite offering very promising opportunities for the platform (like integrating NFC-based payments across an existing network). They’re being told “just wait for us to go public” or “we’ll have more information soon” and that’s it.

It’s great seeing your executives wave around Windows Phone and brag online about it, but it’s more frustrating than good.

Microsoft is acting like everything is going swimmingly with Windows Phone, but there seems to be some sort of deeper issue. There’s still no complete SDK. Still no solid details about what to expect. Still no pricing. Still no dates.

I can’t see consumers getting excited for the platform by Christmas, especially if developers who actually want to make great software for the platform are being pushed away.

The buzz is wearing off, both for consumers and developers. I have one piece of advice for Microsoft: be transparent. Fast. You have too much to lose, and it may be too late already.


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