Samsung announces watch but misses the point entirely  


It’s obvious this was rushed out the door to “win” the smartwatch race. Samsung didn’t actually create something that adds value here, they just released a watch that does everything your smartphone does, except it’s strapped to your wrist. It even comes with Android’s abysmal battery life, only lasting 10 hours between charges.

I don’t know if they’re ignorant or just idiotic, but they’re at odds with at least a century of watch manufacture and design here. They’ve released something that isn’t visually appealing at all, doesn’t add value to the smartphone experience (by the way, it requires a system update for your smartphone to actually work too) and is so over complicated that it’s pointless.

For a smartwatch to be successful it would be something that’s visually appealing (the fashion part of the watch) and simply provides a mechanism for viewing and dismissing notifications. If users really want to view or interact with any real information, they’ll pull out their actual phone.

Smart watches are supposed to be a way for us to be aware of what’s going on without needing to pull out a phone and check it. They’re supposed to solve the “rude” aspect of checking your phone when with friends or in meetings.

Samsung should have realized they were way, way off track when they decided to create a watch running the full Android stack. This isn’t a watch, but it’s not a “smart” watch either.


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