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Nokia one-ups Apple


Wireless charging seems all futuristic and gimmicky, but I think it would be great to see it in a mainstream product. There’s nothing I want more than to be free of wires, and I know Apple won’t do that yet.

September 5 will be interesting.

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It’s a problem when a lawyer is writing the company blog

This isn’t the first time for Twitter either. Oh and, you know, feel free to continue ignoring the elephant in the room.

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Microsoft’s marketing department just can’t copy Apple’s


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 this year, it’s that Microsoft has become very, very secretive. To the point where only a handful of builds leaked during the development process, much less compared to previous Windows development processes. Microsoft learnt to plug the leaks and to do it quickly.

But here’s the thing. Microsoft learnt how to do this from Apple, but they aren’t nearly as good at it.

Apple’s complete silence over the next iPhone (which we “know” to be all but confirmed) is somewhat marketing genius. It drums up excitement and anticipation amongst fans and non-fans alike, who are eagerly awaiting the next big thing.

Microsoft, naturally has tried to do the same thing but can’t seem to keep itself from spoiling the surprise repeatedly, and in turn, setting up those who have the potential be excited and enthusiastic about their

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Where are Windows 8’s killer apps?

Can’t agree more. It’s been a year, and we haven’t seen anything incredible (or even mildly surprising) at all.

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Samsung uses bloggers, then threatens to leave them halfway around the world

Strange but fascinating reporting by Brad at TNW, in what seems like an almost fabricated story. Surely, it can’t be that bad in the technology journalism industry, right? It really is.

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San Francisco, I miss you


I’ve only visited San Francisco once, but I fell in love with the city. The people, the atmosphere and the city are just incredible. I hope I can move there one day, it’s my dream.


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Windows 8 may be ‘great’, but it’s not quite what we want


Microsoft is really pushing this Metro-bonanza hard. Not only is the interface on phones, but now it’s on the Xbox, the internet, PC’s, tablets, laptops….

I don’t know if Microsoft has entirely thought this through. The promise of a tablet PC that can do everything a desktop or laptop can do is beautiful, yet flawed if it’s not done correctly from the beginning. The concept of a tablet that can literally replace my desktop is a tantalizing one, but Microsoft appears to be removing key features of what could make it killer.

Windows on ARM was initially heralded as full-on Windows on a Tablet PC. Then, it was slightly backpedaled from that. Actually, Windows on ARM is limited; you can’t run third party applications on the desktop.

Ah, alright, everyone sighed. ‘Metro’ is the future anyway. Businesses will adopt these in record time, unlike the slow-but-steady adoption of the iPad in

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Finally, a hands on with Windows RT

It looks like there really isn’t much choice to use the desktop a lot of the time. I really do wonder how consumers are going to react to this kind of tablet; if they’ll embrace it, or it’ll just be considered the iPad alternative.

I’m still pretty frustrated at the lack of enterprise controls and management solutions for businesses.

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Please, do tell me the definition of ‘revolutionary'

The pressure to be revolutionary in the mobile market is an ever-present one. From the very first iPhone, which changed the way we thought about how we interacted with mobile devices (from us prodding at them with stylus’ to prodding at them with our fingers instead) to the idea of a notification drawer that keeps track of all possible alerts that could happen on a device.

With the next iPhone due to be announced in just under two weeks and many consumers declaring that the next iPhone had better be earth-shattering, it begins to make me wonder what needs to happen to satisfy users that enough has changed. Does Apple need to completely overhaul their UI? Do they need to use a completely different shaped phone? Or are under the hood revolutions enough? Not every change is visual, and many of those rumoured to be a part of the next iPhone aren’t obvious to the user.

A bigger screen may

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All Windows 8 hardware just looks the same







So much for something new to shake up the market (that last device is running Android, by the way). It seems like the biggest point of differentiation is the keyboard, that’s it.

This is part of Microsoft attempting to force OEM’s to use a standardized design, but I wonder if this is how they expected it to turn out. There’s nothing here that would make me know which device out of this line up to actually pick.

I’ll update this more as additional tablets are announced.

All images via The Verge.

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