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Citation needed: “Industry leaders are excited for Windows 8”

Nothing in the entire day of Wednesday annoyed me more than this quote this week. This quote is meaningless and essentially a lie.

I’m sure there are some people out there who are excited about Windows 8, but please, rather than making a generic statement about “industry leaders” or “influencers,” tell me WHO they are. Saying that people are excited, but not even sourcing one person means nothing.

I want to see what they have to say, and I want to know that’s actually how they feel.

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Microsoft fighting to release WP8 in time for Christmas; it’s bad news for consumers

I’ve heard the same thing, and despite what you believe, Microsoft fighting to get the software for Windows Phone released in time for Christmas is a very, very bad thing.

The Verge has heard, and I’ve confirmed independently that Microsoft is having issues with adapting the NT Kernel to the new chipsets involved with Windows Phone 8, and their schedules are suffering. The software is buggy and crashes a lot right now, which explains why Nokia wouldn’t really let anyone touch the devices at their event last week.

However, Tom assures us that Microsoft plans on having the product out and delivered to OEM’s in time to have handsets on the market by the end of November.

My problem with this is, that if Microsoft is having issues now and it’s this buggy now, what kind of quality can be expected on the “final” handsets? It makes me wonder if features will be abandoned for future updates...

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Microsoft, sacrifice the desktop

“Microsoft’s "no compromise” approach doesn’t work well on Windows RT if you’re thrown into the desktop mode, or you use an optional keyboard and expect the operating system to support traditional third-party desktop apps. Its presence explains the growing number of tablet hybrids that we’ve seen emerge over the past few months, with the majority of manufacturers opting to offer a keyboard attachment for tablet devices. It even explains why Microsoft focused on showing off its Touch and Type keyboard accessories for its Surface and Surface Pro tablets.“

I echo Tom’s sentiments on this one. The desktop just doesn’t make sense if Microsoft is developing a separate version of Windows for ARM devices, and intends on keeping users in the Metro interface (and only allowing most applications to run there). It’s just a distraction.

By including both, the company creates a confusing experience...

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HP blatantly rips off Apple’s hardware


I don’t think there’s actually any more innovation left out there. If you look at the image above, it’s clear that HP ripped off Apple and didn’t even try to design their own hardware. When I opened the HP article, I actually thought it was an Apple keyboard on the desk at first. HP even copied the track-pad too.

I hope Apple pursues them for this, it’s insane and pathetic. If you’re stooping to copying your competitors, why would they even buy off you in the first place? By accident, more than likely.

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Nokia admits it needlessly faked PureView still photos

youssef_24244962658776_raw (1).jpeg

The linked story, written by me, has been an exercise in frustration to maintain. As soon as we ran it, commenters began telling us to “do our research” and that “we were wrong” and “don’t know anything” yet, as a photographer myself (and having done quite a bit of research before publishing), I was confident these stills weren’t real, or at least had been modified in some way.

A few hours after I actually reached out for comment from Nokia, and directly asked “are the still photos in the video also ‘simulated’ and not produced on a Lumia device” and got the response:

“Contrary to information posted on some blogger and technology websites, all still images found on the PureView page on Nokia.com were taken using a Nokia Lumia 920 prototype phone. They were not faked.

Regarding the video we released, as we said in our apology we should have posted a disclaimer stating the entire...

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Nokia fakes both video and stills from Pureview camera


Unbelievable. First, the video footage and now this. Even though they issued an apology, it’s shocking that a company like this would try to mislead the wider audience of their launch.

I don’t care how incredible Pureview is, I’m pretty disappointed in you, Nokia.

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Nokia unveils Lumia range, fails to give most important details


So we know what the devices look like, we sort of know what they can do, but Nokia and Microsoft failed to deliver on what is probably the most important information.

When can we get the devices, and how much will they cost? I’m pretty disappointed they didn’t have either of those answers today.

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Microsoft finally unveils Kinect + Windows 8 integration

I’m glad they didn’t forget about it.

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Apple announces event, trolls everyone


The event is set and confirmed for the 12th, and the invite seemingly shows a reflection of a five. I guess the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5. Some people get caught up on this stuff too much.

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Invite shower

I’m making the prediction now that Apple sends out their invites to the September 12 event (you know, if it exists) during or shortly after the Nokia event on September 5. It seems like something Apple would do.

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