Nuance spills the beans on September 10 iOS 7 launch date


We all know about the impending announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C, the rumored date and even the colors that it’ll be available in but we still didn’t have a real confirmation from Apple that it’s actually happening.

Nuance – the company behind Siri – sent out this email earlier today to developers in their voice recognition program telling them that “as you are probably aware, iOS 7 GA (General Availability) will be released on September 10th” and that they should ensure their applications work properly with the new bits before then.

Considering Nuance’s intimate involvement with Apple in the past this is as real as it gets outside of Apple itself inviting the media to the event. Of course, there’s a chance that Nuance has no idea and is just hedging their bets that the leaks are right but given their proximity to Apple I wouldn’t be surprised if they did know the date.

Historically, iOS is announced on iPhone day and the Gold Master released within a few hours so it’s not unrealistic. That said, over the last few years Apple has publicly signaled to developers that applications built using the new SDK are being accepted into the store prior to the release being available to the public. That means if Apple were to release iOS 7 to the public on the 10th, the company would need to make an announcement and push the Gold Master build to developers very soon.

Perhaps what Nuance really meant to say is that the GM would be available on September 10, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. Maybe Apple’s “one more thing” this year is iOS 7 being available as soon as it’s announced?

Here’s the email in its full glory on Nuance’s servers, in case you don’t believe it.

Update: Either Nuance has taken down the email or their server just mysteriously broke. Surprised? Nope.


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